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10 years old Diana needs your help. She suffers from infantile cerebral paralysis. Due to her young age, she has a good chance of recovering from her condition. Please join our group and help and share this information.

Diana is a cheerful, purposeful, amusing, jolly and very friendly child. She very much wants to run, jump, and play with other children. She would love to tell her funny stories out loud to her friends (not only for herself in her thoughts). Intellectually Diana is the same as other kids her age. But she cannot sit, walk or talk.

Please help us not let her remain an invalid for the rest of her life. Together we can help her be healthy and happy.

Doctors confirm that she has a good chance to be almost completely healthy: to move by herself, to talk, to lead a normal healthy life. Her parents do everything possible and impossible to make Diana's dreams true. So far she has made good progress, but still this is not enough. Diana has a chance to move and speak after a very intense and long course of treatment. It is very important that she receives intensive treatment as soon as possible. The sooner she undergoes this treatment the better her chances of recovery.

Infantile cerebral paralysis is a condition that occurs at birth. Diana almost suffocated and the part of her brain responsible for movement was affected. The condition is curable provided she receives the treatment and rehabilitation she needs promptly.

The intellectual development of Diana is at the same level as in other healthy children, which increases the chances of her recovery. Her parents do an incredible job every hour, every day so that she can be like other children and live a full life. They do different exercises with her, take her to special classes and consult different doctors.

Yet all this is insufficient to achieve their ultimate goal. To as healthy as possible Diana needs a series of rehabilitation courses that must be taken twelve days per month. This treatment is effective for children like Diana, but it is expensive. The price is three times more than the monthly amount of social contributions received by the family combined with and the salary of Diana's father. It is obvious that without our help the Diana will remain disabled.

We are friends who help Diana and we have helped pay for her initial treatment ourselves. Also, we have searched for companies that are ready to help. Consequently we created profiles in local and international social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Thanks to the help of our friends and friends of friends we are able to pay for Diana's treatment.

If you can help this girl or you know someone who can help – your friends, bloggers or companies, we would really appreciate your participation and your help to spread this message.

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For the next rehabilitation session raised 2 000 rubles (last update: 7 September 2020)

How to help

  1. Paypal

  2. International wire transfer (SWIFT)

    Bank name and address: ZAO Raiffeisenbank 17/1 Troitskaya, Moscow, 129090 SWIFT BIC: RZBMRUMM Holder name: Kupriyanova, Mariya Pavlovna Account #: 40817840726000012897 Account holder address: 404122, Volgogradskaja obl, Volzhskijj, Gor'kogo Street House 78, #10

  3. Credit card or Yandex.Money account

    You can use any currency card but the amount will be transferred in rubles only (1000 rub ≈ $15). You can change this amount.

  4. Transfer to the credit card

    Card number: 4276 1100 2140 1670 (Maria Pavlovna Kupriyanova).

  5. Local wire transfer (RUR only)

    Through the bank, personal internet banking account, ATMs, cash-in device, etc

    Bank account details: Sberbank of Russia  Volgograd branch number 8621/0718 Name: Maria Pavlovna Kupriyanova  Account number: 40817810511161903256 Payment purpose: «For the treatment of Diana» BIC: 041806647 GB: 343502001 INN (ИНН, VAT number): 7707083893

  6. Transfer to the mobile phone (MegaFon)

    Phone number: +7(937)5491273 (Diana's mother Maria Kupriyanova).

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If you have any question or suggestion please don't hesitate to contact Recent updates are posted regularly in the groups.